• Reincarnation: 5 ways to find out who you were in a past life

    After all, it is no more surprising to be born twice than it is to be born once.


    Have you ever felt an odd sensation in the pit of your stomach when visiting a city or country you’ve never been before? Maybe you’ve experienced a strange sense of familiarity or perhaps a sadness, a sense of loss for something you can’t remember.

    Have you ever had an unexplainable talent for an activity you’ve never tried before? Maybe you’ve picked up a language that takes others years of study ,or swung over a saddle and galloped off on a horse though you’ve never ridden.

    How about feeling completely comfortable with someone you’ve just met as if you’ve known them and have been missing them your entire life?

    These are just some of the feelings we can’t explain and we usually just write them off as déjà vu. We claim it's just being a ‘natural’ at something, or ‘hitting’ it off with a person.

    But sometimes these feelings can be overpowering and impossible to ignore. Sometimes we must explore these phantom impressions and try to find out if they are connected a past that is lost to us.

    In older religions, like Buddhism, Hinduism, and old African belief systems, reincarnation is understood as a part of life. In the Igbo people of Africa, before a person dies he will give the tribe signs to watch for when he is reincarnated. Then when a new baby is born, the family looks for the clue as to which of the dead relatives he is.

    It seems Westerners abandoned this ancient idea of reincarnation, but that doesn’t keep millions of people who don’t follow these belief systems from experiencing strange daydreams they cannot explain. Although many have pleasant memories, some are plagued by horrible visions and sensations that bring about anguish and confusion.

    That is why it is said that by finding out what happened to your soul in the past, you will know why you must face particular trials and deal with certain people who surround you. This can sometimes give one clarity and purpose, and make it easier to accept one's place in time and space and the life lessons that come with it.

    If you are interested in how to find about who you were in a past life, here are five ways you can go about it--whether it’s just for fun, out of curiosity or that your past life has been interfering with your present.

    1. Past life app

    Yes, believe or not, past life apps can be found in the App Store on iTunes! For most of these applications you just enter your name or birthday to get a description of your past life.

    2. Past life do-it-yourself

    Sit quietly and meditate for a few minutes, then ask yourself some questions about who you were. What did you look like? Where might it have been that you lived? What time period were your clothes from? Write the first answers that pop into your head. You may just come out with a colorful, imagined character, or you may stimulate your intuition enough to trigger past life memories.

    3. Past life cd’s, mp3's

    Guided meditation and hypnosis cd’s are a practical way to try to find out about your past life and can be a good start without spending a lot of money.

    4. Past life reading

    You may go to a psychic, tarot card reader or numerologist who can tell you about who you were in a past life.

    5. Past life regression

    This is for those who are serious about pursuing the mystery of their past life or lives. Hypnotism is used to reveal repressed memories and can be the most intense and powerful way to explore reincarnation. You won’t be told who you were like in a past life reading. You will be re-experiencing who you were yourself.

    Discovering more about your past life can be fascinating as well as therapeutic. Then the next time you feel like you’ve been somewhere or met someone before, you might just be able to figure where everything fits into the context of your previous life story.

    Have you ever experienced past life memories? Or have you ever tried one of the past life methods listed above? Please share with us below?

    Go on a journey spanning the golden age of Ancient Egypt to modern times as the soul of a warrior queen fights for her lost love over and over again.

    A story of blood, love and reincarnation--if she doesn’t succeed in this lifetime, she’ll succeed in the next.

    Eternal Traces


    • 1. Sep 8 2013 5:07AM by Nadine

      I'm not sure if it's just coincidence or what, but it makes sense to me in such a freakish way. I've always learned from my mom that my great grandfather was into healing, and learned ways of the indigenous people that were passed down generations in the family. He even told my mom she was gifted and taught her some things. It was also said that back in our family somewhere Native American was mixed in when an ancestor was married. I kind of think this may be my 3rd great grandmother as I have accessed Ancestry.com and could find absolutely no records of her or who she was; only a name. And not to mention, my mother and maternal grandfather have always had very dark skin. Now I have my dad's genes, because I'm white as a ghost and have blue eyes. I believe my blonde hair came from my grandmother, but my mom still says I possess traits of my ancestors. With that aside, I feel such a connection to the Indigenous people. I'm so saddened every time I think of what happened to them when the white men came along and basically killed them off or chased them and took their land away. It also sickens me to no end seeing as how they were treated inhumanely, yet they had so much knowledge and wisdom. It's one thing that I am upset by those events, but I am truly offended and hurt by it. These horrible people made the natives give up their lifestyle, and forced them to change and conform to that of the white people. No wonder it was always kept hush hush when natives would marry into immigrant families. Native American traditions, rituals, culture, and general way of life inspire me to no end. Something that definitely tells me this life isn't my first rodeo is the fact that I tend to associate with my mom's friends and those much older than me. I don't do the things that young adults my age would typically do. For as long as I can remember, that's how it's always been. People have always told me I'm so much more mature for my age. Even when I was as young as 11 or 12, I exhibited these types of behaviors. Back to the whole Native American side of things, I have been trying to get more in touch with the culture and wisdom this way of life has to offer. The other day I watched a documentary called "A Good Day To Die." They showed Wounded Knee and talked about the massacres there. Then they showed a church, and right at that moment I felt myself staring in awe at my screen. Something certainly hit home, and at first I couldn't put my finger on it. Then I remembered, a few weeks or months before, I dreamed of this same church. I remember it being so dark, and I found myself hiding behind a tomb stone as men were shooting at all of us who had been there. In the dream, I'm not exactly sure what my fate was, but this occurrence got me thinking. I had not previously seen this church, and I barely remember what they told us about Wounded Knee in History class. Half the things they told us were biased anyway, and they always made the natives look bad. Then I thought it was retrocognition. I don't know, but I am really starting to think I was alive to see these events unfold. My mother's good friend is a hypnotherapist and does past life regressions. I know that those aren't that accurate, but maybe it can give me an idea at least. I think if we are extremely fond of something or intense feelings are invoked by by things that don't seem to be obvious, then we must have a connection to it.

    • 2. Sep 14 2013 1:51AM by Joshua Kevin Turczyn

      Born on November 19, 1989 to present.

    • 3. Sep 26 2013 4:45PM by Carilan

      Nadine, you-ll get cancer with that mental state.. live in present. don-t be angry, don-t judge. The purpose of exisence is Hapiness !


    • 4. Sep 26 2013 4:45PM by Carilan

      Nadine, you-ll get cancer with that mental state.. live in present. don-t be angry, don-t judge. The purpose of exisence is Hapiness !


    • 5. Nov 29 2013 7:43PM by Logan

      I dont know whats the matter with me,when i go to sleep im starting watching weird dreams,like im keep watching over and over the same picture,i cant explain how does it looks like but ill give some prescription,Im waking on a boat all alone in the middle of nowhere,my arms plus my body are full of blood....and someway somehow its start clear things up not actually it just send me to another image....Which im holding a gun and the germany has taken control of my country and im standing again alone and fighting them,while my mother and my brother the try to find an exit,to escape basically to hide,....my brother keep shout on me to come down,and i keep saying no i wont let them pass,you get my mother out of here.And somehow a bomb dropped from above and there squeeze them,after i killed 100 of them maybe more,this is where i loose it......and starts over again.Maybe im doing weird thoughts about me my family and the future.

If she doesn't succeed in this lifetime, She'll succeed in the next...

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