About Shonda Brock

I have struggled over this topic, “What to write about myself that I would want to share with the entire world?” especially after writing a romance book. What’s left to share?

This is my first book. I have travelled a lot. I am a southern at heart and a northern in my soul. I have won awards, but none in writing.

I have accomplished many things, but not as many as others. I am proud of what I’ve achieved, but I want more. I want to learn more. I want to do more.

I served in the United States Army and made a ton of memories. I thank those who have served and continue to serve because I know freedom is not free. I have experienced first hand that soldiers make a great sacrifice and so do their families. Thank You!

I have helped write military doctrine. I’ve held the hands of numerous patients. I have created life and I have cheated death. I’ve held back tears while praying that today was not the day for fatal news. I’ve told myself a million times that I will never let myself get back in certain situations again. Sometimes I’ve held true to my words and sometimes I have failed.

Shonda Brock

I have a list as long as my arm for the reasons I love to write. I have favorite authors too, but what is that one characteristic that I want you to know about me? My mind goes blank. I know I am more, but my thoughts become a chaotic fog. There is so much, hence the struggle.

But I can tell you something about my life that is exquisite that recently happened.

One day while waiting for my plane, I came across a title on Oprah’s magazine in the newsstand, “You in Six Words--Your life’s story could fill a thousand pages, but sometimes a few words are all you need.” {February 2012 by Diane Herbst}

It was as if God read my mind and sent me this article. I grabbed the magazine from the shelf, prepared to cut in the line past four large guys. After I received a disapproving sharp glare, I figured I’ve struggled long enough for my answers; I can wait two more minutes in line. Then I purchased the magazine and dove into the article on the plane ride home.

I started the mental exercise trying to dissect my life and reduce it all down to six words. Again I struggled.

And then as if a light switch came on, my mind was clear. Me in six words:
Never want to stop being amazed.

If you have time pick up the article. It made me remember the basics of life, my core, the place where I return to make gut decisions.

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